behind the story

As storytellers, we are healers.  When we create an experience for the viewer that reaches inside, touches them in a way they’ve never felt, lets them feel heard and seen and known… deep healing happens.  And as we tell and hear and share our stories, we heal the world.

Our short film "In Session" was born out of a desire to heal, and a need to tell a story inspired by a close friend of our writer/ producer/director.  
Losing a child is one of the most unimaginably painful experiences- and losing a child to SIDS, with so little explanation and the resulting feeling of "I must have done something wrong", creates an experience for the mother that is unimaginably dark and painful. 
Our story brings to light the experience of losing a baby to SIDS and shines some light into the dark corners of an issue largely unexplored in the landscape of films and media today.

Our producer team consists of three women:
Kathi Carey (writer/ director/ producer),
Bettina Kenney (actor/ producer)
and Rachel Hardy (actor/ producer).

The three of us connected in a Mastermind group, finding a similar desire to create high quality projects that told amazing stories.
Bettina and Rachel also quickly discovered a synchronicity as actors in the roles they tend to play based on a sense of simultaneously & similarity and an opposite nature. We began exploring possible characters that mirrored each other, and Kathi Carey was brought in, whose prior work demonstrated the vision and style that we were seeking for this project. She created a script that brought it all into being. The experience of creating this project so far has been one of synchronicities, doors opening and paths unfolding.

The caliber of Kathi’s work has attracted a solid foundation of crew, specifically Gabriel Diniz (DP) and Dave Manship (editor).
Our team is also fortunate to be part of a larger community of creatives focused around the work of our coach & mentor Bonnie Gillespie, who guides us in "creating the Hollywood we want to be a part of". We’re thrilled to have the support of that community, and are happy to have already had many individuals volunteer to be a part of this project.

We are currently in pre-production on this project.
In January, our filmed table read brought the script to life for the first time, giving us a clearer vision of the emotional depth of the story as well as providing us with high quality footage for a crowdfunding campaign.

You can find us on IMDB.

We are so excited to be telling this story and we appreciate your interest in our film.

Rachel Hardy
Bettina Kenney
Kathi Carey